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■展覧会名:ラブラブショー2 LOVE LOVE SHOW The Second

■会期、休館日、時間: 2017/3/30-4/30  14:00-20:00 (木~日のみオープン)

柴田聡子(ミュージシャン)× 宮崎夏次系(漫画家)
SHIBATA Satoko (Musician) × MIYAZAKI Natsujikei (manga artist)

Mirocomachiko (painter/ Picture book writer) × Anna Budanova (Animator)

青野文昭(美術家)× 水尻自子(アニメーション作家)
AONO Fumiaki (Artist) × MIZUSHIRI Yoriko (Animator)


3/30 「オープニングトーク」青野文昭 水尻自子 ミロコマチコ 19:00~20:00
4/6 「@カマタって何だ!?」@カマタクリエイター 19:00~20:00
4/13  「柴田聡子ラブラブライブ:東京↔︎青森」柴田聡子 19:30~20:00 
4/20  「マンガ@ソーコ」宮崎夏次系 19:30~20:00


Open new space: KAMATA_SOKO 
Exhibition: Love Love show2 by Aomori prefecture museum

English is below
青森県立美術館飛地展が@カマタ新POP UPスペース:カマタ_ソーコで開催されます!

LOVE LOVE SHOW The Second:Aomori prefecture museum
Satellite at Kamata_soko,Tokyo

March 30 – April 30, 2017
Cloesd on Every Monday - Wednesday
Admission Free
22-7, Oginaka 3-chome,Oota-ku,Tokyo

Star of Trampoline
SHIBATA Satoko (Musician) × MIYAZAKI Natsujikei (Manga Artist)

Beast is the Best
Mirocomachiko (Painter/ Picture Book Writer) × Anna Budanova (Animation Artist)

Dimension and Dissolve
AONO Fumiaki (Artist) × MIZUSHIRI Yoriko (Animation Artist) 

Artist meets artist, art meets art, and art meets museum. The exhibition provides the art which was born in the museum and we can experience it now only here. Meeting is love. Here we go let us meet art with love!

The second edition of Love Love Show. 7 years ago, in 2009, the first edition was held.

Rendezvous is a concept of Love Love Show. Not only artists, but also various genres of creators meet each other in the museum. The museum is designed from an excavation of the Sannai-Maruyama site. The unique architecture provides unique artworks that can be created only here. The exhibition makes an anthology of temporary culture. Without any principles of theme, based in the diversity of artists’ expression, and everyone feel free to interpret. Encounter with art which is united with space arouses sympathy with the exhibition. It will be united with museum and art. That is our wish. There now, looking for your favorite, please come in the exhibition.


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